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You are at the personal artist web page for Erik Haagensen, a studio potter, doodler, and fledgling farmer based in Greeneville, TN.  Signup on the right for my newsletter to receive major announcements, or check out my blog for occasional posts.

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August 4 Update: So we made the big move up to Tennessee and have been getting settled in, making pots, planning the farm and building our new studio. I’m adding some new decorative elements to my pottery using sgraffito carving to add depth to my illustrated work, and well, some look so damn fine on their own I’m not even adding illustrations just letting the henna patterns rock it on their own. I’ll post pictures soon, like when I get my new photo booth built. But for now, here’s a sneak peak at some heavily henna’d new earthenware Erik pots.

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Erik Haagensen Bottles