Partners in crime...

Erik Haagensen Portfolio

Due to much hard work and cultural outreach, I continue to earn the trust of the Critterpack and they are revealing more about their world and interactions to me. I have documented this new information in a new series of pots featuring more detailed scenery, social interactions, and of course scenes of their frenzied mosh pit dancing. It is fascinating to peel back the layers of the onion on their strange and compelling life. Enjoy!

  • 01-Platter 01-Platter
  • 02-BasketFooted 02-BasketFooted
  • 03-TwoJars 03-TwoJars
  • 04-ThreeBowls 04-ThreeBowls
  • 05-TwoMugs 05-TwoMugs
  • 06-Yunomis 06-Yunomis
  • 08-Creamer 08-Creamer
  • 09-Platter 09-Platter
  • 10-SpaceBasket 10-SpaceBasket
  • 11-TwoMugs 11-TwoMugs
  • 12-MiniJugs 12-MiniJugs
  • 13-BlackBasket 13-BlackBasket
  • 14-ThreeBowls 14-ThreeBowls
  • 15-SaltPepper 15-SaltPepper
  • 16-Jar 16-Jar
  • 17-FootBasket 17-FootBasket
  • 18-ServeBowl 18-ServeBowl
  • 19-BudVases 19-BudVases

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